Emily Gunawan

I am a postdoctoral associate in the Mathematics Department at the University of Oklahoma. My postdoc mentor is Greg Muller.

Contact Info

email: egunawan at ou dot edu


  • Publications and preprints:
  • List of conferences and talks (including slides, talk notes, and videos)

  • Teaching

    Past Courses and Undergraduate Research (REU)

    Office hours (Spring 2021)

      All office hours are conducted virtually in Calc2 Zoom Room (link on Canvas).
      Drop-in Student Hours (no appointment needed):
    • Tue 5-6pm (evening)
    • THURS 10:15-11am (after lecture class)

      If these times do not work, please contact me to set up an appointment for Tues/Thurs morning or after 4:30pm.

    Weekly Schedule (Spring 2021)

    Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
    8-9 8-8:45 Th Calc 2 Profs Meeting
    9-10:15 9-10:15am Math 2924 Live Session 9-10 Math 2924 Wed Drop-in Office Hour (Verma) 9-10:15am Math 2924 Live Session
    10-11 10:15-11am Math 2924 Th Drop-in Office Hour (Gunawan)
    11-12 11-12 Calc2 Staff Meeting Tue 11-11:50am Disc 011 (Lajos); 11:15am-12:05pm Sec 012 (Verma); Tue Online Cluster Algebra Seminar 11-12 Fri Postdoc Meeting
    12-1 12:30-1pm Math 2924 Th Drop-in Office Hour (Lehrmann)
    1-2 MWF 2:15-3:05 Lecture Tue 1-1:50pm Sec 015 (Lajos); 1-2 Tues RAMP UP Seminar MWF 2:15-3:05 Lecture 1-2 Th OU Cluster Algebra working group MWF 2:15-3:05 Lecture
    2-3 2-5 Th biCambrian working group
    3-4 TR 3-4:15pm Quiver Representation 3:30-4:30 Alternative time for ARTS (Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar) TR 3-4:15pm Quiver Representation 3:30-4:30+ ARTS (Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar) + Tea
    4-5 Box-ball system RSK Meeting 4:30-5 Th Tea
    5-6 Mon 5-5:50pm Disc 014 (Verma); 5:30-6:20pm Sec 013 (Lehrmann) 5-6pm Math 2924 Tue Drop-in Office Hour (Gunawan) 5-6 Karcher Colloquium 5-5:50pm Math 2924 Live Session
    7-8 7-8pm Evening Math 2924 Thurs Drop-in Office Hour (Lajos)
    Math Center Spring 2021 Schedule: Mon - Thur 11-7 (Zoom), Fri 11-1pm (Zoom), Fri 1-4pm (in-person at Math Center PHSC 209), Sun 3-7pm (in-person at Math Center PHSC 209). See Math Center and Zoom Info


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