Emily Gunawan

Starting Fall 2017, I am a postdoc in the mathematics department at University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Contact Info

Emily Gunawan -- office: Monteith Bldg, room MONT 402 -- email: firstname dot lastname at uconn edu -- office phone: +1-860-486-1286


  • Publications and preprints: my arXiv page
  • Talks: list

  • Teaching (Fall 2017)

    MATH 1152Q Honors Calculus II -- Course Website
    Previous Courses taught

    Office hours (Fall 2017)

    • See office hours here: Office hours at MONT 402
      Students: You don't need an appointment to come to my office hours listed above. Just stop by! If these times do not work, email me to set up a an appointment.
    • You can also stop by to see if I'm available (see my schedule below) - You can first call 860-486-1286 to see if I'm there.

    Tentative Schedule (Fall 2017)

    Please don't hesitate to email me to set up an appointment outside my office hours. The best times to schedule appointments with me are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I am not available on Fridays.
    Time Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
    8 - 9
    9:25 - 10:40 1152Q 1152Q 1152Q
    11:30-12:20 Algebra Seminar 11:15-12:05 Wed
    2:30-3:20 Teaching Seminar 2:30-3:20 MONT 227
    3:30-4 Research Meeting Tea 3:30 Cluster Algebra seminar MONT 313
    4-5 Research Meeting Colloquium Cluster Algebra seminar


  • Cluster Algebras Portal
  • Upcoming conferences: FPSAC 2018 (July 16-20), SageDays@ICERM: Combinatorics and Representation Theory (July 23 - 27, 2018)

  • Department of Mathematics Mailing Address University of Connecticut