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Notes on 4-people meeting (with Ana GE) week 12 Wed, April 10, 2019

Part 5 HW assigned during 3-people meeting week 10 Wed, March 17, 2019

(Note: we had a meeting between part 4 and part 5, but I forgot to write it down here)

Part 4, notes for 3-people meeting Week 7 Wed, March 6, 2019

Questions Part 3

During your two-people meeting, focus on the following:

  1. Counting the number of quivers that are mutation equivalent to A3, A4 quivers, and An in general. Let a_n be the number of quivers of type An. Can you write a formula or a recurrence relation for this sequence?

  2. Consider the connection with polygons, see Section 2.2 of How many different triangulations of a polygon are there? You can google this for more info.

  3. Count the number of quivers of type D4. Previously I asked you to think about shapes - but now please consider the directions of arrows as well. The number is much bigger, so you don’t necessarily need to draw all of them. Count the number of quivers of type D5 (again, don’t draw all of them).

  4. The next step will be to consider the connection between Dn quivers and triangulations of a once-punctured polygon. I will explain this to you when we meet in person.

Note: At the end of your 2-people meeting, please write a joint email report to me to summarize your meeting. In your individual email report, you’ll continue to briefly summarize only what you did when you worked alone.

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Computing Part 1

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