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Fall 2018 Outline

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Sections of Stewart’s Calculus to be covered:

Main Calc II Topics:

A few additional intro to skills and concepts needed for future STEM courses:

Rough Outline

Week_ Date_ Day_ Assessment_ Topics
w1 8/27 Tu   introduction, review Calc 1 Chapters 2-4
    Th   Go over questions from review Calc 1 Chapters 2-4, Start 11.1 sequences part 1
    F   Finish 11.1 sequences part 1, quiz on 11.1 part 1 from Th.
w2 9/3 Tu   11.1 part 3: epsilon-N definitions and arguments, review L’Hospital’s Rule
    Th   Sec 11.1 part 2: geometric sequence, monotonic sequence, bounded sequence.
    F   quiz, Practice and quiz on sec 11 part 2, 3 (epsilon-N definitions and arguments) and L’Hospital’s Rule and Monotonic sequence theorem. Review sketching rational functions.
w3 9/10 Tu   Do 11.2 part 1: intro series, geometric series, decimal expansion.
    Th   group work on Sec 11.2 HW. Discuss reading HW 11.2 part 2: divergence test and harmonic series; 11.2 part 3 proof of divergence test and harmonic series.
    F   quiz, on 11.2 part 1,2 (geometric series, divergence test, harmonic series). 11.2 part 4: tellescoping sum and simplest case of partial fraction decomposition
w4 9/17 Tu   11.4 comparison tests and limit comparison tests (practice).
    Th   group work and presentations with practicing Limit Comparison Test and Ratio Test, 11.6 part 1: ratio test, part 2: root test
    F   quiz, 11.6 part 3: growth rates lecture, 11.5 alternating series lecture,
w5 5 9/24 Tu   review trig identities, 7.2 trig integrals
    Th   7.3 trig substitution
w6 10/1 Tu   exam 1 (tentative): sequences, series, series tests, trig substitution and trig integrals
    Th   7.1 integration by parts
    F   7.1 integration by parts and proof by induction
w7 10/8 Tu   7.8 improper integrals type 1: infinite interval,
    Th   7.8 improper integrals type 2: bounded interval
    F   quiz, Review 7.8 before quiz
w8 10/15 Tu   11.3 integral test and estimates of sum for positive series
    Th   11.5 alternating series estimate, application of 11.5 alternating series estimate: proving e is irrational; 11.8 power series
    F   quiz, Continue 11.8
w9 10/22 Tu   11.9 representations of functions as power series
    Th   Continue 11.9 representations of functions as power series
    F   Explain HW 11.9
w10 10/29 Tu   exam 2
    Th   11.10 part 1 Intro to Taylor series.
    F   11.10 part 3 Explain Taylor’s Inequality example from Reading HW (part 2). Compute limit of functions using series, other uses of series.
w11 11/5 Tu   11.10 multiplication and long division. 11.10 part 4 Practice Taylor polynomials. Ordinary generating functions, golden ratio, 11.1 continued fraction + silver ratio.
    Th   10.1 curves defined by parametric equations, introduce an example of a parametric function for a circle graph,
    F   quiz, 10.2 calculus with parametric curves, tangent and area,
w12 11/12 Tu   10.2 practice, 10.3 part 1: Euler’s formula
    Th   10.3 part 1: polar coordinates
    F   quiz, Sketch polar curves using Cartesian graphs, 10.3 part 2: tangent
w13 11/19     Thanksgiving 2018
w14 11/26 Tu   10.4 areas in polar coordinates,
    Th   9.1 Modeling with differential equations
    F   quiz, 9.3 separable equations
w15 12/3 Tu   9.4 modeling for population growth (graph sketch only)
    Th   exam power series (11.10, 11.11), Calculus with parametric equations and polar coordinates (10.1-10.4), and intro to modeling with differential equations (9.1, 9.3, 9.4).
    F   exam mini

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