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My contact information (for filling out forms)

Information about where to submit

Multiple recommendations

To help me write an effective letter, please send me some of the following.

  1. Briefly describe your research contribution during the REU. Describe the research, and talk about what you proved, either yourself or with other students.

  2. Optional: Tentative interests and goals
    • Your tentative goals, why you are applying to the programs, and how the programs fit into your goals. (These should match with your essay, since people will read your essay and my letter at the same time.)
    • If you are only applying to specific types of programs (for example, only to math biology REU), let me know so that I can mention this in the letter. If you are applying to various types of programs, I will talk about your general enthusiasm to math (or your related field).
  3. Optional: Preparation
    • Write down some of your best skills relevant to the programs. Give specific examples that demonstrate that you have these qualities: During my (job/course/REU/volunteering), I learned ... (collaboration/communication/listening/coding/presentation skills, proof-writing skills, writing a paper for publication, etc). For example ....
    • If there is anything good you want the program to know about you but there isn’t enough space in the essay (or if it’s better if a professor writes it for you) please tell me.
  4. Optional: Documents that may be helpful (if the documents are not ready yet, don’t worry about sending them)
    • draft of personal statement/ statement of purpose and other writing you plan to submit to the application.
    • CV


Good luck with your applications!